What is OEDSA?
OEDSA (Ohio Education Data Systems Association) was formed in the 1970's to serve as the "voice of computer usage in Ohio education" and to provide a common professional organization which would facilitate the communication of information relative to data processing within the administrative offices.

Over the years, OEDSA has evolved into an organization that provides timely in-services (conferences) to help both the Information Technology Centers (OECN) and district staff, along with others in the education environment, in the use of software, hardware and other related topics.

The 2024-2025 OEDSA Board of Directors
The OEDSA Board of Directors plan and run the conference. Board membership is made up of ITC and district personnel from all over the state of Ohio. The current board members are:

Chad Carson - Data Center Operations Manager, MCOECN - OEDSA President 2024

John Espy - Treasurer, Milford Exempted Village School District - OEDSA Treasurer

Tiffinie Leiter - Assistant Director/EMIS, Vanguard Sentinel CTC - OEDSA Secretary

David Downs - Executive Director, HCC - OEDSA Past President

Michelle Drewes - State Software Support Supervisor, SSDT - OEDSA Board Member

Roy Templeman - Chief Technology Officer, MCOECN - OEDSA Board Member

Patience Moody - Connections Coordinator, CONNECT ITC - OEDSA Board Member

Lori Nye - Support Specialist, SSDT - OEDSA Board Member

Sean Taylor - EMIS/Student Services Coordinator, NWOCA ITC - OEDSA Board Member

Tammy Hamila - Fiscal Support, NEONET ITC - OEDSA Board Member

Glenda Baker - Associate Director, SWOCA ITC - OEDSA Board Member

Tammy Hrosch - EMIS Manager, META Solutions ITC - OEDSA Board Member

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